Dublin First United Methodist Church
Monday, January 22, 2018
To reach, teach and serve others in the name and love of Jesus Christ


Tyler's Take

What is love?  I think that if I asked this question to the congregation at large, I would get a hundred different answers (or possible even more).  That is because in many ways, “love” is a very subjective concept.  Love means different things to different people and is generally a concept shaped by a person’s life experiences.
This is why some people might say love is “staring deeply into the eyes of your beloved.”  Others may say that love is “what we do for another person.”  Still others might say that love is “time spent with the person that means the most to you.”  All of these would be adequate descriptions of love because love is not just one single thing.  Love is a “many splendored thing.”
For the sake of Christianity and of faithfully following Jesus, our God says that love is full devotion to Christ and at the same time loving people as we love ourselves.  Jesus embodied this self-sacrificial love He desires to see in us and reminds us in this way that love is meant to be unconditional and everlasting.  These are truly high expectations that God has for us, yet we are all able to love in this way with the help of God and His earthly presence in our lives, in the form of the Holy Spirit.
We must therefore ask God to aid us in loving as He would have us love, in a way that honors Him and benefits those people in our lives.  This is accomplished in prayer and devotion to practicing the art of Godly love in our lives that calls us to love in ways we never even considered and did not believe we were even capable of in this life.  To seek to love like God is to embrace what true love is in our world and it is how we grow as mature Christians seeking to become the disciples God created us to be at our birth.