Dublin First United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 27, 2018
To reach, teach and serve others in the name and love of Jesus Christ


Tyler's Take


John, the Gospel writer, stresses the metaphor of Jesus as “light” more than any of the other Gospel writers and does so to the point where this imagery becomes the defining hallmark of his message of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  This idea of Jesus as “light” is one that John uses to clarify the positive nature of Jesus and of His ability to bring optimism and goodness into even the darkest of places and situations.  John felt that the world needed to know of this incredible ability of Jesus to lighten any and all circumstances by His mere presence and power in our daily lives.


This is a message that our world needs to hear today as much or perhaps even more than it did in the time of John.  We live in an age of mass shootings, street violence, ugly national politics and demeaning behavior towards the “others” in this world.  This extreme negativity has the ability to pull us down from a place of abundance and optimism as we see the shocking nature of our fallen world played out before us on our television, computer and phone screens. 


When we see such things it is very easy to throw our hands up in the air and believe that there is no good left in a world gone bad.  It is in times like this that we need the light of Jesus more than ever.  In such moments we need to shine the light of Christ brightly into such darkness in our effort to chase away such depressive thoughts and defeatist actions. 



We do this by offering the love and grace of God to those who are wounded, abused, neglected, arrested and over-looked.  In so doing, we become like spotlights in the darkest of nights that work to remind others that the world is not all bad and that there is a better way.  Our world needs this reminder that the light of Jesus is a reality for us all in a mighty way today and I challenge you to do this in your daily life that others may know through your actions that the darkness will never overcome those who choose to lift high the light of Jesus.