Dublin First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
To reach, teach and serve others in the name and love of Jesus Christ


Tyler's Take


In the midst of this life there are many divergent paths that take us in countless directions with nearly infinite possibilities.  These are roads that define our    journey in life and ultimately come to define what we will experience, what we will achieve and what we will become.  What takes us down these varying paths that define our lives are the choices we make – the decisions about what roads we will take – that become the milestones upon the roadways of our lives.


With this truth in mind, we all come to a crossroads in our life where our decisions, our choices, lead us toward or away from God and call us to believe or not to be believe in Christ.  This is the great moment of life where we are called to faith or led into disbelief.  It is at this moment that our lives truly begin in joy or sadly end in disappointment.  This is the place where our greatest and most important decision is made and where our faith is hopefully born.   


Faith is the beginning of our walk with the Lord.  Our journey with Jesus truly begins and ends with the faith we profess in God.  Yet, faith is a tricky thing   especially for human beings because faith does not always come easily for us as a general rule.  We are so often in need of solid proof because we believe that we can only believe in, trust in and abide in that which we can verify as fact.  With our disbelieving nature, we humans so often need to see something, to touch something, to taste something in order for it to be “real” for us and especially in order for us to put our trust in it. 


However, faith is the belief in that which we can not see, touch or physically   experience like we do with most other things in this world.  Faith, is therefore, the truest expression of trust in things we do not fully understand and therefore we as people of God who have rooted our lives in faith, must embrace the understanding that our choice to follow our faith is the only path that leads to God.  This road of faith is narrow, winding and at times difficult; but the journey is one we never take alone and the end of this road leads to the gates of heaven and the arms of Jesus.