Dublin First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 19, 2018
To reach, teach and serve others in the name and love of Jesus Christ


Tyler's Take

In my experience, it does not take much to be kind.  All it truly requires of us is a smile, a compliment, a hug or even something as simple as an encouraging word.  These are the simplest examples of kindness and they require next to nothing from us in terms of time, physical exertion or even financial cost.  Yet for someone who is having a difficult day or is grieving a lost loved one, such simple acts of kindness can mean a great deal.
That is the beauty of kindness.  It costs us very little and yet it has a huge impact upon others.  In this way, kindness is a warm display of concern or a considerate act of affection that shows another person that they matter enough to us to warrant our desire to ensure that they leave our presence better than they were before we saw them.  It is a way to say: “You matter to me.  I want you to be happy.  These difficult times will pass.”
Often, in my opinion, the best expressions of kindness come without words at all.  Such as when we put an arm around a needy friend, help an older person with a chore they can no longer do themselves or write a card to a person recovering from surgery.  These acts can be random or planned, it really makes no difference to the person who receives the act of kindness, they are simply grateful for having received it in the first place.
Jesus was known for His act loving acts of kindness.  He gave sight to the blind, fed the hungry and made the lame walk again.  While we may not be able to do such magnanimous acts of kindness as Jesus did, we can do many other meaningful acts of kindness that will lighten a person’s burdens and brighten a friend’s outlook.  For this reason, practice acts of kindness today so that you may be the reason that someone knows they are loved and appreciated.